Hello and thanks for stopping by.
My husband and I live in a small town in Indiana. I love Flowers, sewing and creating things that look like they have been around for years.
My husband is very creative, he has made my sawbuck dining room table, cabinet in my bathroom both out of old wood to have that early look.
One of my favorite things he did for me was an 1800s fire place that he bricked and made a small hearth for. He has made and redone too many pieces that I could not even begin to count, I am very blessed to have someone so handy.
Our home is more eclectic mix of Colonial, Primitive &  Antiques, we love the crocks with the blue salt glaze, breadboards, wood churns and of course who can resist Pewter and old leather books.
I hope you enjoy our site and find some things you could just not live without.  
If you have any questions please feel free to email, call or text.
Thanks Bev 
Matthew 19:26 With God all things are possible.